November 29, 2014

Its my favourite time of the year, I couldn't be more excited than this. 
For many like myself this is the time of the year when everything you wanted is affordable...hoorah!
The sales are crazy I can't even decide what I want any more, all I know is I like where I can see my money hanging. 

This is my chance to revamp few of my stuff and probably bring more fun to the blog.
Sad news is that for the next few weeks, I may not be posting since I'll to be sitting for my finals. Havta read!!
This however gives me ample time to plan my posts. 
And oh!, I've just joined polyvore, I'm still trying to figure out how it works and where all the good stuff is before I bring my sets to the blog. I think it will be easier for me to show you all how to achieve a certain or similar look without spending a fortune.
Until my next post, please turn-up and have fun but in a healthy manner.


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