Hello there!

Welcome to my blog. :)
I'm glad to finally have a focused blog...I've had quite a few trial (blogs) before, with no specific focus area and I ended up deleting them because I didn't know what I was doing.
I'm not Fashion student, expert or anything, like everyone else out there I draw my inspiration and some ideas from other people. So this might not be new to some readers out there but well I'll do it anyway. To start off here's a few other things about me and my 'style'.
My Style
At this beginning level, I cant really say I'm very daring...but my style is one that makes me feel very comfortable. Its nothing very fancy, just perfect according to my surroundings. And I dress according to my mood most of the time and sometimes (very rare) according to an occasion. I love traditional accessories, I feel like they were meant for me. heheh!
Reasons to start blogging
First of, I find writing very helpful...as a communication tool and a self evaluating tool as well. Since I'm very shy to go out there and talk to people I figured hiding in my comfort zone and blogging would do just fine. So I'm still in the process of improving my communicating skills.
Moreover, as a girl I wish to wear designer stuff and look fancy but when money is a constraint the situation turns somewhat sour. For a while now I've observed many good looking ladies out there sporting fake stuff in the name of fashion and honestly I felt disappointed even though its none of my business. Therefore this drove me to make a blog and try my level best to show ladies out there how to wear things worth two cents and look like a thousand grand.
P.S I'm very picky and my taste can be 'confused' at times.
I'm hoping  that I and my readers out there will enjoy this experience.