I hope you are all doing great, I'm fine thank you.
The exams are finally over and I am happy to have begun my holidays. I travelled out to another state to see a long lost friend. I'm excited! I hope you, my readers are also having a nice time. 
This post is somewhat random but I'm guessing its better than nothing. I came up with this look when I was trying to figure out something that is comfortable. This ruffle dress is a bit old, and I had never served it justice so its about time I guess.
I paired the ruffle dress with a pink purse and a single golden bracelet and earrings. I favour black heels for the 'simplicity' look and I think I'm ready for dinner.

I added a bright purse just to liven the look and make it less dull. The dress can be paired by whatever colour you want, my second option would actually be a 'persian blue' or 'international klein blue' shade. You can play around with the accessories too, there is no harm at all.

Item deets:  Dress - Nichii, Purse-Padini, Shoes-MySale and Accessories- Zalora.