So I was going to jump into bed and enjoy my beauty sleep but I thought I should post up something awesome for you. This is just something I imagined wearing to campus, I'm still not sure what I would look like in it.
But here's the idea.


BUTTON FRONT LAIDBACK by kookie-95-muhnstress featuring a layered pendant necklace

The post features a button front skirt (which is quite popular at the moment) worn in a laidback style. Something for a normal day, the perks of a button front maxi skirt is that you can unbutton it and show the 'amount of leg' you want. For the daring ones you can try out your thigh high slit before you embark fully on it.
 And as always, you can always tweak and add whatever element that is in your favour. I think the fedora and maybe a pair of vintage sunnies will work well too. Make-up is always your decision but I would totally go with what the model in a fedora has on.
Enjoy yourselves!


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