Gloomy glamour

Gloomy glamour by kookie-95-muhnstress featuring nude pumps


I hope you are having a great start with your week, it has been gloomy since morning.
In this post I kept thinking to myself pale, cold and sparkly. I would definitely wear such colours as a silent scream to the world about my 'not today!!' mood. I am a person who is easily drawn and influenced by the environment.
This set reflects the sometimes pale skies which aren't completely grey, the weather is cold and silver just takes away the warmth in your skin and making your appearance cold. And lastly the sparkles should stand for the glamour, besides if there is so sun chances of hurting other people's eyes become less.
It is spring indeed but well I guess not in this part of the world. hehehe!
I will be posting up nice stuff soon, but I'll need your patience because I have a huge plate to deal with at the moment. Great things are coming our way good readers...lets all cross our fingers.
Let me know what you think of today's post, how would you twist it to a spring look?.

Thank you for reading.