March 15, 2015


Its been a while since I last posted in here, I've been experiencing a few roller-coaster rides lately  and now I'm back on my feet again. Lets keep the posts rolling!
Yesterday we had a carnival on campus and the weather was quite melancholic, it reminded me  of my home town Arusha. The light showers called for something snug and warm but I was feeling bright..too bright actually.  

Prior to all this I've really been itching to try out the 'earthly tones' ensemble but I always felt like they weren't meant for me...or at least I haven't found the correct shades. So in this post I was actually inspired by my skirt...'IKR!! inspired by a skirt'. The little colours in it consisted of some earthly tones and I dived straight for them and here is what I looked like.

 I wore the loafers to add comfort and also to avoid slipping.  

You can tell my 'photographer' pal was in a funny much background its almost ridiculous.

My 'fro is growing out quite fast and soon I'll be in need of a traditional hairstylist.
I hope you like this and maybe you can also find an item in your wardrobe that will inspire you to create an ensemble.
Until my next post, have a nice Sunday!


Item deets: skirt- thrifted, sweater- thrifted, top- forever21, shoes- zalora, purse- padini.

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