Hello lovelies

This post would have suited best in my old blog because I gave out all these "uncalled for" opinions about everything. But since I deleted that blog, this will have to make do...and besides I still want to give my opinion.

So yesterday Ally Rehmtullah a well known Tanzanian designer was showcasing his 2015 collection, Eleganza at the Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam and I must admit it was awesome.
I did not attend the event physically but I watched it on live stream and overall the show looked great, except for  a few things.

The pieces were very great, extraordinary even but I failed to understand why some clothes looked funny, a wee bit oversize and not flattering on the models. Some things just didn't work...the cleavage area was kind of 'overdone' that from a certain angle you can see the models areola. There was even a model, two actually whose straps fell off the shoulder and they were bare underneath one adjusted and the other kept on strutting it. 

Its not easy to walk down the runway I understand and we certainly can't raise the standards for upcoming models but we can 'train' them. Not to criticise the audition judges or anything but some models walked (too) fast, I barely caught a glimpse of what they wore. They didn't like do the 3 seconds pose or anything, it was all whoosh!

I noticed when the show started some kind of 'smoke' went up from the sides of the stage to create that hazy, smoky effect. But people sitting in the front row clearly weren't fascinated by that, then there was confetti after Ally walked down the runway and even 'fireworks/dynamite' (think of lady gaga's pyro bra) all these things that could distract your guests. 
I wouldn't want to go to a fashion show and go back looking like I came from a birthday party will all the confetti on my hair and clothing.
I believe shows could be spectacular and do without all these effects or whatever they're called.

Watching the show on live stream was somewhat a nightmare because of the technical glitches. It took a while for the broadcasting to start even after the timer stopped 1 hour ago. Then I kept seeing the adverts of the sponsors for 30 minutes more, then the model audition snippet on repeat for like 45 minutes. When the show began I was no longer interested...and then there was no audio, I couldn't hear anything for a moment. Then you have live stream being live stream buffering every now and then. 

Other things that I noticed that were actually good is that there was something new in some of the pieces, there was a different size model. I'm not sure if it is safe to say she was plus size but she clearly wasn't a size 2 or 0. It would be really nice if there was a red carpet something more proper without passers-by obstructing our view.
Some ideas I believe were incorporated from outside the diaspora like the jumpsuits, reminded me of Atelier Versace's spring 2015 couture. The colours were supposed to be elegant but they just didn't work for me, there is an element of elegance missing in them. Or maybe I just missed the kick or the livestream quality was poor hence my judgement.
There is still room for improvement as the industry is still growing, I believe there is more we can learn and try to implement.

That's all for now, let me know what you think if you saw the show.

Thank you!