Hey there lovely readers!

How is your weekend going? I hope you all had a great Sunday.
Today I thought I should create a series of  my favourite wardrobe staple; I want to share with you how to wear/style black leggings in different surrounding environment.
So here is a random question, does your best friend call you at 11:00 pm when you're about to go to bed and ask you for a tea date? And when you say okay does she say she's outside waiting for you?
My best friend does that to me at times...and when she asks I just know she's not asking she's saying we're going like it or not.
 My solution to such incidents or rather occasions is leggings, they can be worn with pretty much anything, it just depends on what look you're going for.
Even as a person who loves dressing up, sometimes I just think to myself  'not today'. 

Some of you are probably frowning at the thought of wearing leggings like you would with any other kind of pants. I think we should all understand that leggings are not to be worn like you would a pair of jeans, but you can risk it. And personally I think the body type matters too, since the material used is sometimes quite thin and its see through.
 Petite or less curvier ladies have more chances of pulling off leggings without much trouble. But as a safety precaution from public embarrassment, especially the see through situation you can wear dark undergarments or  tights like this or this.
Remember what ever else you wear underneath is to be seamless unless your top goes beyond your rear.

You don't want to have this going on.

this is a huge don't
Also, chose pants that aren't too tight to avoid embarrassing situations like camel-toe, I try not to wear my pants too high as well unless my shirt is long enough.

With all that being said, here is what I created and would definitely wear past 10:00 pm.

Impromptu tea dates

Here I just chose a very simple look, which I believe is comfortable. there is no much thinking in this outfit, its just picking up what is within reach. The sunnies come in hand if my eyes are puffy or whenever I feel like being odd. Besides it's 11:00 pm no one cares, what you look like.
So what would you wear, if your best friend ambushed you in a similar manner?. Let me know what you think.

Have a nice evening, enjoy reading!


Image source: google images