Hey there lovely readers

I hope your weekend is going pretty well and you are enjoying yourselves.
Here is the last post of the black leggings series...this look is inspired by current mood. I feel like wearing everything that is within my reach and it doesn't matter if it is overdone. There is no such thing as overdoing your look....well at least that is what I believe at the moment.


So this fit is something I'd grab dinner in, with the ladies and probably hangout for some 'sophisticated' music....or swirl wine in a glass and feel happy. I also involved quite a number of textures, there's a touch of velvet on the purse, leather like jacket and the satin top.
The accessories are compensating the plain look and the fact that those are leggings. Tehee!

Tell me what you think of this look and your overall opinion about the black leggings series.
Have a lovely Saturday, and thank you for stopping by my blog.