April 08, 2015


I hope my lovely readers are doing fine and your Easter holiday was well spent too...I'm great and very excited. 
From my previous posts some of you know that I've always highlighted (more like complained) about the quality my photos...they were either too far or something of the like, and it was really driving me insane. It was a faint cry for help.
So an actual photographer approached me for a collaboration and you can imagine how excited  I was. Over the weekend is when we tackled our first shoot and I never thought it was that difficult...I'm not a natural poser so yeah. 
Here is a sneak peak of our hard was a very sunny day.

photographer: Umar Saibukandu

When I saw these photos I hardly recognised myself (....somewhat....) since I am used to looking funny in photos unless they are selfies.
Well this is the beginning of our work and we will be bringing you more great stuff, so please bear with me for the time being. I promise to make it worth the wait...I'll even do a shoot while bungee jumping if you like...hehehehe.
Please allow me to properly introduce the photographer in my next post.

Thank you for stopping by and let me know what you think.


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