Hello there!

I hope you're all doing well and are having or have had a nice weekend. 
In conjunction with the Asean International Film Festival & Award (AIFFA) Jackie Chan had a fan meeting today which my friend and I intended to go and see him, but we arrived fashionably late and missed the chance. *cries in a corner*
So to comfort ourselves we took a boat ride locally known as Sampan ride to the other side of the river just for the 'satay' and spent the rest of the evening window shopping.

 As a personal favorite, I would definitely recommend the boat ride to anyone visiting Kuching, Sarawak. Sometimes exploring places on your own is more fun than following a tour guide around, besides the side where the Astana is located is quite peaceful and lovely. 
Most of my outfit is thrifted and as a fan of palazzo pants, the jumpsuit gave me all the comfort I needed while looking stylish, of course. I could conquer mountains in this kind of comfort.
Question: Do you notice anything different? 

View of the waterfront behind me.
 Yes, I dyed my hair....
I did that last weekend and I must say at first sight I thought to myself  'what have you done?' no offence but I felt like an old lady and had a hard time looking at my reflection.
I was going to dye it blonde but the blonde I chose wasn't so blonde enough so now I look like an African ginger. But I like it!

 a selfie to 'wrap' up the short visit.

This jumpsuit and sandals are thrifted items from back home  (Tanzania) and they just happen to be from Forever 21. The purse is from padini and the necklace is one of my 'stolen keepsakes' from mom.
Both sunnies if you noticed the change are from Zalora.my.

So tell me what you think...how would you style your jumpsuit for a casual Saturday?
And let me know what you think about my 'ginger' 'fro.

Until next time, thank you for visiting, have fun and enjoy reading my blog,