Hey there beautiful people!

I hope you are having or have had a nice week start. I was quite packed this morning but my post cannot wait until tomorrow.
I wore one of my favourite dresses and I felt cute enough to create a short post. I was going for a vintage look today so the polka dots did a great job. I also tried to be daring by pairing the peachy dress with a pink purse....I feel like it worked well. To complete the look I wore black flats and had a grey sweater on, I was having a bad hair day and I thought to myself a head wrap would do good.

 My hair was supposed to look like a mini poof but thanks to shrinkage, that section looks weird.

 I had to smile even though I was in pain....I shall never do the penguin walk again.
I even took of my shoes, it was that bad lol!

But as I am typing this, my feet are sore from all the walking we did, I have no idea who said the flats were a great choice. I should have sneaked slippers in my purse

I'm curious how other people would wear their polka dots and create a vintage look. Let me know your views.
Until next time, enjoy reading!