May 25, 2015

Hey there lovely readers.

I hope you are all having a nice week start and a powerful Monday. Its been a while since I posted something apart from Polyvore sets in here. The exams are in a weeks time but here I am unwinding in my own little world.
I am pretty sure we have all fallen culprit of wearing the wrong necklace with the wrong neckline, I just realised (thanks to technology) that I may have been doing it wrong for probably a while now. While scrolling in Pinterest the other day I came across a photo that makes necklace decisions easier, there are quite a lot of them and may differ at some point but I chose this because it was featured in many other websites.

image source:
I hope this quick share will assist all you pretty ladies out there not to 'lose face' , for further reading click here
New posts will be up in a while....please don't get tired of waiting, I'll try to make it worth it.
I wish you all a nice day and do let me know your thoughts. 


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