Hey there!

I hope you are having a great start of the day. 
First and foremost i'd like to thank everyone out there who is reading my blog, be it accidentally or not, Thank you. Since I made a "turn around" in blogging and made this blog I never expected it to turn out this great. 
I have never set goals for this blog either and my posts are very irregular but I have reached 1000+ views and this should be a motivation for me to focus and take this super seriously.

Some of you have might noticed that I gave the blog a new template; this is somewhat to new beginnings. The template is still subject to further changes until I find the perfect minimalist blog template best suited for my OCD or until the day I can properly do the IT coding myself. 
I also changed the blog name from Fashion in Two Cents to Fashion Ambitions, honestly i'm still somewhat indecisive about the name as well but I know this name rings well than the previous one.

Today's post features Sequins, the one thing that can make you look tacky if paired wrongly. I tried my best with drawn inspirations from pinterest and came up with this ensemble. 
I clearly couldn't decide what shoes fit in best......but I love the hot pink a lot more than the other colours.

I definitely need someone to fix my 'fro, I'm so fed up of combing every morning.

 Personal assistant anyone?

What do you think lovely readers?
How would you pull off sequin during the day?


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