Hey there lovely readers,

I hope you are doing well. I am particularly happy and excited, to see myself back in the blog. It has been ages since I posted something personal i.e featuring myself.
 So today my friend and I managed to sneak a quick shoot as part of  our relaxing regime in between this final exams catastrophe. I promise to go back and study after this, lol!.  
I was reading Lehautestyle's blog the other day, and one particular post about how people comment on certain IG accounts and call other individuals Kim K wannabes certainly caught my eye.
I strongly agree and side with Lehautestyle that people wearing neutrals or bodycon or whatever Kim K would possibly wear are not copycats...we are just inspired and we dare to recreate those looks according to our own liking.

So here is how I created this ensemble inspired by Mrs.West and possibly many other people out there.

Its totally fine with the extra flesh too.....although the gym quietly awaits my arrival.

I switched it up from pink heels to all neutral and a pink purse for that pop of color.
And  I have indeed noticed that I have to cut down on the fries....or simply hit the gym and both options require motivation. Something that I am lacking at the moment.

I personally think everyone is entitled to whatever they want to wear..be it an exact copy or an inspired look or whatever. Some individuals need to take a sit and sip on their tea.
           I also think this should be a bloggers challenge #StopDressingLikeKimKChallenge.

What do you think folks? Weigh in your thoughts.