Hey there lovely readers.
I am really sorry for being inactive and going MIA on my blog and its  readers.....its just that, things are piling up and I am getting super lazy.
Anyway I heard about a 'one of a kind' fashion show that is set to happen in Dar-es-salaam sometime in June.  And I found out about it when my sister said she's going for a model casting........she finally put that height to proper use.
They did the photo shoot and everything and it seemed good...I was particularly excited about my sister doing something I've secretly been wanting her to do. So yeah.

On minor observations i.e letting my unwanted OCD take over I think there is room for improvement in these promotional shoots. Its a major collaboration in their part working with different abaya boutiques and so on, but you really need people to be interested in the event.
I think they should prepare their theme way ahead of time and figure out 3 or 4 different scenarios and find a few spots and settings for the photo shoot. In this shoot I dare say they went for street style but then it was too vague for me, perhaps due to the location.The models were mostly walking in and around the market area, I believe there is more places in the street where an abaya can be worn. 

She refused to tell me what's with the shades 

I also think a stylist always comes in handy, I am not saying they did a poor job but the models looked like they were self dressed and some things just aren't in coordination. Colours and textures have to be layered properly in a way that will make these magnificent pieces look better. A simple MUA would also be great just to give the shoot a decent look and feel.

Overall, it is a first of its own I'm guessing and its okay to be lacking there is always next time.  These are some of the images in which my sister was in to view more images click herehere and here.

 Random spoiler: I think I may feature my sister on the blog (if she agrees to it) for perhaps a short Ramadhan style chapter.
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Photo credits to @mani24, @asmahamakau and @tanzanianmuslimas