June 17, 2015

Hello there beautiful people!

So ever since my exams are over and my 'cranky/crazy' photographer left I have taken binge watching to a whole new level. I am currently watching a Turkish series 'EZEL' and its so interesting that I sleep at 4am, and i'm thinking if I keep up like this I can successfully convince raccoons to accept me as their kin. I am still recovering from the emotional trauma caused my GoT season finale.
Anyway, while planning more outfits and how to undertake the photo shoots, I figured I want do a post about what is in my bag.

Mints: When I had something like stir fried noodles for lunch, I definitely need these. We have all encountered that one person you cannot talk face to face with because of their mouth odour, you need these. Some days I wake up and don't feel like talking to anyone hence I need these. I think mints are super important.
Vanity bag: In here I stash my 'toiletries' like body mist, wet tissues, sanitary towels, lotion, lipstick or lipbalm etc. I put everything in one bag because I don't want to take up much space in the bag. This is when my OCD goes out the window. I hardly wear make-up I'm still learning the how to's so the best thing I have is a lipstick and maybe eye-liner. 
Shades: I don't have a favorite pair but I usually pack shades according to my mood or the outfit i'm wearing. 
Novel/ Notebook: I carry these around to jot down things and random ideas or for a nice read while waiting for something. Its better than being on my phone all the time. Sometime I walk around with a word puzzle.
Coin purse: My change needs homely space and I also hate huge wallets so my bills and essential cards go into the coin purse and they fit in surprisingly well. 
Pocket tissues: I carry these instead of handkerchiefs sometimes...you may need to dab your hands dry after washing them or for a runny nose after a spicy meal.
And of course my phone, a lighter for my smoker friends and Buck the kangaroo, my bestie got him for me while in Aussie.
These items are what you find in my everyday bag, and sometimes there is more or less depending on where I am going and what I'll be doing there.
I hope you enjoyed this quick post,  and please let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Awesome post..Check out a similar post in my blog..

    1. Thank you Linda!
      Surely going to read your post.