July 03, 2015

Hello there!

I hope my readers have had a great and productive week. Please excuse my being dormant for a while....I just got back home in TZ and now I’m fumbling major with the internet, my worst blogging issue while at home.
Anyway, I was going through some of my old photos until I stumbled across some photos that have somewhat influenced me into blogging. I’d like to think of this as a super late throwback....if it’s already Friday for some readers then think of this as a flash back.

Vintage inspired  african print dress.

Most of these photos were for fun and little did I know they’d walk me to a path that is perhaps the start of my career. I felt like I was slaying in all these pics.....some poses are quite funny too.

this was an OOTD photo

The turban is the killer in this photo

 Here is to funny and humble beginnings.....I'll keep digging in my albums, I'm pretty sure there is something more humble than these.

vintage blouse, belonged to mommy dearest

Make up by me....with few camouflages you can't tell how off it was. :P

Some of these photos are my favorites...they're all over my social media accounts. They never get old!
I’ll leave these here for you lovely folks to enjoy.
Please bear with me and hang on in there, there are few stuffs I have to settle at the moment; so new posts are most likely going to be very sluggish and once in a while.
Thank you for stopping by the blog.

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  1. You have great style... So blogging is for you ;-)

    Can we follow each other?

    1. Thank you Jessica for your kind words. I'm still trying to improve this style of mine.
      Following you right away, and thanks for stopping by.