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I hope you are all having a great week. Lately I have been feeling all sorts of creative and I am currently working on things that may bring a great turn to the blog.
Today I feel like sharing a scoop story.
In today’s post I want to highlight a talent I’ve been observing for quite a while now. I really admire the perseverance and hard work put into this talent and I think it’s great if other people learned, appreciated and nurtured similar talents. 

Stephanie Correia is not a famous name but it definitely ‘clicks’ among the closely knit fashion network in Arusha. Her story is quite interesting if you asked me; I’ve known her throughout the primary school years. She has always wanted to be a model from day 1.

Like everyone else she began humbly from scratch, doing random photo shoots over the years until her debut at the Jambo Fashion Affair (JFA) as a runway model in 2013. 

 Since then she has been collaborating with local artists in Arusha like Ousmane Photography of Kaz studios. Fashion TV has played an influencing role in her career just like it does to some of us as well. The thought of donning a variety of clothing designs without spending a penny seems quite appealing to her.  

Loving the well deserved spotlight attention when on stage or during photo shoots is another kick that landed her into her career. In 2014 Stephanie took part in search for Arusha’s top models where she secured the third position. 

Her path became even brighter when she was the face for JFA 2015 and had the opportunity to walk in the JFA runway alongside great models like Macrida Joseph. Despite being almost as tall as Nicki Minaj, she deserves a round of applause for the bravery of 78strutting the runway in 8 inch heels. 

Stephanie is currently a signed model under the Area Code Entertainment agency.

 I am not sure there are modelling agencies in Arusha let alone the country itself. If they happen to exist then they are probably just a few in numbers and I am unaware of the fact. But the bottom line is that, the country’s fashion industry and arena keeps revolving and many opportunities arise. It will be great if people took up more entrepreneurial chances like these and find more talents in order to elevate the Tanzanian fashion industry. I am thinking in a cycle where if we have more modelling agencies, we’ll have more talents and photographers, MUA’s, fashion/style bloggers and even designers to collaborate with in order to grow as a whole.
Who knows maybe in the near future East Africa will have its own fashion week.
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I do not own any of the above photos. credits to Ousmane Photography and Stephanie Correia