Its been a long weekend and all I can manage is lounging and lazying around the house. To my lovely readers from Malaysia I'd like to wish you a happy Merdeka day, I hope you had a fun celebration. I had prepared this post since last weekend but I've been lazy to do a mini shoot for the product.
Anyway, I managed today....hehehe!
We can all agree that body odor is something that is highly frowned upon in most societies; it is usually associated with poor personal hygiene. But sweating and body odor are part and parcel of our lives and cannot be erased or avoided; it’s just natural.
Gentle note: sweat itself is odorless, what we smell is the bacterial breakdown of keratin protein on the surface of the skin.
In order to mask the sweaty smell most of us use deodorants or even antiperspirants. The market is filled with all sorts of body odor products from those with alcohol to those that leave funny patches and marks on your clothes and even white residue on your underarms.

Naturally I am a very skeptical person and most of the time I refrain from trying out new things if I am comfortable with something else.
  Nivea brand is usually my first choice for deodorants, they have decent products. Their products don’t have a strong smell unless they are for men and they are easily available, I’d dare say the prices are fair enough as well.

It’s about a month now since I started using Nature secrets deodorant from Oriflame. I must say their products are quite decent too. The antiperspirant deodorant has energizing mint and raspberry for that fresh feel and nice smell; something new for my olfactory nerves.
1)      When applied the product feels kinda sticky I think it’s due to the consistency but once dried you can barely tell if you’re wearing deodorant.
2)      It surely keeps your underarm dry unless if you’re doing super intense activities that lead to sweating.
3)      It is quite affordable and sells for equal prices like nivea deodorants about 6000TSH.
4)      It doesn't leave patches/ white residue on your clothes or underarms unless if you apply too much of it and wear clothes before it is dried. Talking from experience.
5)      The packaging is quite lovely and is as seen in pictures from the catalogues.
Overall it is a satisfactory product and I would definitely make a repeat purchase and recommend it to other people as well. 

Tip: According to the WebMD antiperspirant should be applied during bedtime as opposed to applying right after shower. This is because the product has time to work while you sleep compared to when you apply after shower; it gets washed away by sweat hence render you defenceless from daytime sweating.
Other things you can do to avoid/combat body odour are such as keeping your underarms dry and changing your diet.  

Stay put for I might have another review coming your way. 
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