August 05, 2015

Hey there lovelies I’ve been away for a while and I’m back for a few maybe.
I needed a break to pick myself up and brain storm things, it’s almost complete now just that it took more time than I expected. This holiday was full of life lessons and experiences, I dared to tackle some things from my impossible list and I must say I am quite proud of myself.

So some of the things I’ve done over the holiday were becoming a consultant in Oriflame; a Swedish company that makes its products entirely out of natural ingredients. Through this medium I was able to tackle my worst fears and expand my knowledge while gaining skills along the way and as a marketing student it was and is fun applying the tactics learned from my Consumer Behaviour class.
Before becoming a consultant I always thought that people exaggerate about things from Oriflame. I had a chance to experience some things and I certainly have a different opinion now. I would certainly advise people to use Oriflame products because they are worth every cent and effort. Potential customers tend to think we sell products for the purpose of making money and would be very sceptic of anything you say. So I thought it would be great if I did product reviews on things I have used from the company so as to wipe away any doubts that we’re scamming people or just trying to sell our products for earnings sake.
Anyway enough with the jabbering, today I want to review the very me smoothie foundation. First and foremost I really like its packaging; it’s really simple and easy to manoeuvre.

The consistency is fine with me, not too heavy and it’s certainly not greasy. Its light hence it doesn’t offer full coverage, it’s also easy to wash or wipe off with a makeup remover.
The only issue I had was concerning with the shade, my first correct foundation in terms of shade is cocoa and the brand was Maybelline. 
The smoothie shade I got was also cocoa but it is less warm, when applied to my entire face I look greyish. So I figured I could use it for 'highlighting' purposes and it looks okay with me. I am slowly advancing my makeup skills...hehehe

In order to use foundations from Oriflame I have to mix two shades in order to get my correct shade.

Please excuse my eyebrows.....I cannot help but fix them in my head myself. Sigh!!
So overall, the very me smoothie foundation is quite good and it’s the kind of foundation you’d wear for a barely there look i.e 'no make up' make up look. If I were to rate this product I’d give it an 8/10 and would certainly recommend it to people with a lighter complexion than mine. 
Lastly this foundation is darn affordable, follow @oriflame_tz_my for more products.

Until next time thank you for stopping by my blog and certainly let me know your views or what product you'd like me to review.
Stay tuned cus in my next post I'll tell you all about the giveaway I had sometime last month.


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