September 10, 2015

Sunnies and hats to me are accessory items that I wear to either create 'drama' or hide something and sometimes just for the sake of wearing it. I am more into sunnies than into hats and I didn't own any hat until two months ago because somebody got me one. I think if I were to buy hats my closet would probably be flooded with large floppy hats that have massive brims because I like the dramatic effect.
When buying shades I do not go after the perfect pair that is supposed to create illusions on my face whatsoever, I get a pair because they're either cool, they look awesome on me or they're weird and I like it and rarely when they are on trend.  
I naturally just like to break 'rules and traditions' style-wise; because I feel its all about risks, your style is more on how you want to express yourself and I can guarantee not everybody will understand you, that's the risk. But on the flip side, sometimes I feel like certain things  have to remain like they are because perception. I could see something as a no-no on someone and go to lengths of correcting it in my head  but to them that's their style and they're taking risks.  
I was reading an old 'Cleo' magazine and I came across various guides but this one on sunnies and hats caught my interest a bit more hence I decided to share with my readers.
So here is what you need to take note on for you to stay on the clear and look your best.
image source: classiclacewigs.net
1) Oval shaped face
With proportions that are symmetric and balanced your face shape can rock pretty much any hat and sunnies. P.S I'm turning green with jealousy.

2) Square shaped face
Show off your cheekbones i.e. best facial asset by wearing a fedora tilted to the side. To soften the harsh angles of the face try wearing cat eye frames as they draw attention from the jaw line to your cheekbones. Structured hats emphasise on your jaws therefore they are a no-go. 
Image source: accessorize blog, illustrations by Francesca Vitelli

3) Round shaped face
Hats with a higher crown work best for this face shape as it helps to add height and create balance to the face. Rectangular or square styles are a green light for you as they create the illusion of a longer and slimmer face. Stay clear of small hats e.g a beret as they tend to sit close to your face.

4) Heart shaped face
 In order to bring out your eyes and reduce focus on your chin, try a cloche hat as it sits close to the head. To mimic the shape of your face (in a good way) sunnies that can be your best pals are those with frames that are wider at the top e.g. aviators. Large brimmed hats are a no-no as they tend to overwhelm your chin.
5) Oblong (long) shaped face 
To create the illusion of a shorter and wider face wear large floppy hats and rounded style sunnies as they add width to your face. Try to avoid hats with high crown as they elongate your face even more and stick to sunnies that do not extend beyond the widest part of your face.

I hope this was helpful to some of you out there, I'll keep doing sunnies and hats my weird way until sundown. Heheh! Let me know what you think
Have a lovely weekend!


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