Hey guys,
So I randomly decided to add a new category where I'll share my outfits of the day. At least the wait for major posts will be cut short. I hope you will enjoy and probably learn something else from this segment.

So today was a blue Monday on my end and I just decided to finalise it by wearing as much black as I could get my hands on. Since I can't quite pull off the whole black on black look easily I decided to add a colour I'm so obsessed with khaki and to make a pop I carried a red bag/ tote.

 This hairstyle got me feeling like I'm in primary 6 all over again.
Would you believe I snapped these quickly with my phone camera, I am surprised by the decent job it can do. 

What am I wearing?
Shoes: Zalora || Bag: Nanenane || Pants; thrift || Top: Mysale || Jacket: Mysale