Amidst of all my hectic work I managed to sneak something good for the blog, I hope you're all having a nice weekend. I've always wanted to try the denim on denim look but I have never been able to, something was always off point. It was either the shade, texture or just me trying to perfect the look well I guess I nailed it today....close enough!.

  I am so loving my accessories, Zalora hardly disappoints me. I am literally on the verge of saying goodbye to physical shopping. I have become so addicted to on-line shopping that its not even funny any more.  I am also loving the fact that I can pull off  his shirt without too much effort....did you notice? 

This look is so many things in one and its so casual, it can be dressed up with a pair of heels or dressed down with a pair oof comfortable flat sandals. I added a bright red bag and coral sandals to vamp up the look. And you definitely wouldn't believe me if I said that my bag is actually made out of sisal, leather and ankara, its so chic and simple and I never have enough of it.

Do take time to excuse my face and hair for I wasn't prepared for a shoot, hence the "impromptu" in the title. Funny thing is how I wasn't quite picky with the light today, do forgive me for that as well.

Shirt: Tidaz Fashion || Jeans: Padini || Bag: Nane nane Arusha || Shoes: MySale || Accessories: Zalora