I hope you've had a lovely weekend and that you are prepared to face Monday and its merciless claws. Lately you might have noticed that  I haven't been posting much on my outfits that's because I'm currently short of a photographer, my friend has been busy and my struggle has been real.
I'm planning on getting a tripod and see if that will neutralise the struggle.
Lately Kuching has been engulfed in haze, sometimes its bad and could be mistaken for fog or some snow situation. The weather keeps me confined at home and I hardly get anything done, I wish school stopped for a month or so.
The haze pretty much makes the weather dull and that is why I appear ashy and cold in some photos, I am sorry in advance.

Khaki has been my recent obsession thanks to Instagram pages like Khaki styles and sometimes the Kardashians. I am so obsessed to a point of no return, and can't wait to get experimenting with it. Sometimes my friend  refuses to go shopping with me because I'll pick out the khaki items and just go crazy over them.
I actually thrifted this skirt some ages back and it wasn't a pencil skirt, I took it to the tailor to get the perfection I was seeking from it and I think he did a decent job. Tanks aren't my best of friends, sometimes I look pudgy in them, so I threw on a kimono to cut down the bare it all effect and possibly hide my pudginess. In addition I think the fringe just adds a tadbit of something to the whole look.

Please don't mind my hair, you can tell about the struggle just by looking at it.
The weather felt really gloomy, it was difficult to brighten up the mood. Looking at these photos I somewhat feel sorry for myself. LOL!

  In my last post here, I featured a sisal bag and here is a lovely clutch made out of sisal too. Its cute and compact, I just hate that it has velcro instead of a button for fastening. The ripping sound ruins everything about the clutch, when you're opening it.
Notice how I played with the blue?

So tell me your thought folks. what's your take in the ensemble?

What am I wearing?
Shoes: MySale || Skirt: Thrift || Tank: Forever21 || Kimono: Gifted || Clutch: Nanenane festival || Accessories: Zalora