October 04, 2015

How is the weekend going y'all?!
For people who are close to me they know any item I own is either thrifted or it was on SALE, I rarely 'splurge' on things. And when there is a sale I usually plunge into a crazy spree, never known to mankind.
I would label myself as a newbie in the make-up department and since I'm learning how to do it myself I usually go for the cheap items. Value packs and buy 1 get 1 free signs have gotten into me and that is how I'll probably end up kidnapped. LOL!
I try my best not to rely on make-up all the time but I've reached the point of feeling naked without at least foundation on. I have acne scars and somewhat skin pigmentation that I prefer to cover up underneath my make-up.

 MySale is one of my favorite websites to date, its the everyday is sale day kind of website. I get most of my items especially shoes and now make-up from there. Its part of the reason why I hardly do physical shopping any more but hey, if your pocket is right and you're in luck you might grab yourself an original Louis Vuitton on sale!. I'm not sure but there is probably a number of us who would agree that YouTube vloggers are to thank or maybe blame for the make-up influence, there is all sorts of videos on make-up routines out there.
In the haul I got a couple of value packs for mascara, illuminating cream, bronzing shimmer, primer, contour sticks w/ cream highlighter and single packs of eye shadow palette, lip gloss and lip stain and more foundation all in total cost me about 60$. Most items are from city color cosmetics while the rest are revlon products.

4 pack classic mascara from city color

2 pack illuminating cream from city color

2 pack primer from city colour

 contour sticks w/ cream highlighter

2 pack bronzing shimmer

The only downside of using this website is the shipping time, it can take up to forever until your parcel arrives.
I have yet to try any of these items but will try keeping y'all updated.
Have a lovely Sunday and thanks for stopping by.


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