October 23, 2015

Hello there lovely readers,
I hope your weekend is unfolding well, mine seems to be one that I'll spend indoors eating junk food and sleeping to my hearts content. This post has long been delayed for no sensible reason, feeling lazy doesn't sum up as sensible enough...either way lets get to it.
As I previously stated in my other posts that I became a consultant under Oriflame and thought it was great to give our products a try and review them so that my potential customers wouldn't feel like we are cheating them. I have an oily skin type so acne is no new news to me, it does affect my appearance most of the time and I'm looking for better ways to keep it under control.

I was probably having a rough day...judging by the hair situation and the face.

As a new consultant I never really understood why my up-liners insisted on purchasing an entire skincare set...I personally thought they are being unreasonable and probably trying to sell the product for sales sake.

Being my true self |stingy and price sensitive| I went ahead and purchased just the tea tree toner from the Love nature skin purifying set. I told myself there is no harm and it should work...but guess what? I was so wrong. I have been using the toner for about 3 months now and there isn't much progress on my skin, I'm breaking out as usual, my spots won't fade and I can't stand my face. 
So I now I understand why my upliners advised on using the entire set.

So here is a quick insight of the product itself:
1. First things first the packaging is quite good, the bottle is about the size of a nail polish/ make-up remover i.e 150ml.  
2. The toner's smell isn't overpowering to the nose, it has that tee tree scent going on which I personally don't fancy.
3. When applied on to the skin you sense that cold tingly feeling which is fine and present in most products meant for acne prone skin, however it leaves this semi-sticky feeling that I don't like. Its like a gentle yet annoying reminder that you have something on your face.
4. In terms of the price I would say it is fair you can get the toner for TSH 18,000.
5. Performance wise I can't really say how good it is since I used it separately from the set, however I'm assuming its performance is better when used with the rest of the products from the set. I will have to update you on the progress once I start using the entire set.

Here is a recent photo of me , you can't really see the acne spots and breakouts due to the lighting but if you look closely judging by the discolouration you can tell my skin isn't flawless. I have not filtered this photo nor am I wearing make-up in it.

Overall, I would rate the product as satisfactory for now or at least until when I can use the whole set and analyse my skin's condition by then. Recommend it to people? I would but you have to be really patient and observe the routine religiously.
Bottom line is that the product doesn't work as effectively when used alone compared to if it were to be used along with the accompanying products from the set. 

Thank you for dropping by the blog and for those interested in seeing the Oriflame catalogue it is freely available here.

Have a joyful weekend everybody.
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