I am just taking a short break from all my work because I feel like i'm going to go all sorts of batsnitz crazy. This semester I have units that do not require final exams, first impulse would be YAY!! no that's not my case here. The amount of course work given can make you go retarded...anyway, enough with the rant.
Apart from being obsessed and continuously trying to experiment on khakis and nudes, wild bright colours are my go to especially when I feel evil enough to want to blind other people ||insert evil laughter||. While rummaging through H&M's sale items sometime back I came across this playsuit/ romper for like 2USD and I picked it without even thinking further.
Its one of those items I would wear to the mall or to campus for a few hours on a hot Friday or even to the beach....yass beach!!

I have this love for rompers but sometimes I am urged to think they aren't for me, I hate how they hike up at the thigh area when I walk. I always feel like crying because they are so cute and comfortable but ratchetly conniving too, like raccoons. I know I am supposed to get a more fitting piece or probably less flimsy material but the weather explains my love for flimsy materials and I just prefer a lose fit for a change. ||Sigh! what a twisted situation.||

This weekend my girls and I had an impromptu road trip towards the border of Malaysia and Indonesia; Tebedu, it was such a lovely experience and it reminded me of quite a few things in life. We ended up in the middle of nowhere and took random photos, selfies and I got a 5 minute driving lesson before heading back to town.

Just look at those faces...full of mischief ^_^

I paired this romper with simple ngomas for the love of comfort and threw on a kimono to tone down the color scream and cover up as well. I just love how I didn't even break a sweat for this outfit, I simply pulled out what was in my reach.
Throughout my week's break I have been braiding my hair and I am still not done with it. Its so difficult I usually ask myself how do YouTube natural hair girls do it. ||Natural hair struggles||

What am I wearing?
Romper/ Playsuit: H&M|| Kimono: Cotton On (gift)|| Ngomaz: Bata|| Shades: Zalora

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