Nothing beats that feeling of the see breeze on your skin on a very hot day. I just love the beach, and everything that comes with it except maybe the hot sun. Its just so beautiful.
My best friend was driving down to the beach to do a sight visitation and also get some work done and I decided to tag along. The weather was so lovely for that typical BFF ride down to the beach, doing all the crazy things you can in the car.  

I really love how shirt-dresses can be styled in so many ways and look all sorts of legit, in my opinion this are a wardrobe staple. I got this shirt for about $5 while thrift-ing with mom back in Tanzania, come to think of it she's a major influence on my taste and choice of things. 
See how I wore it in this post here

These shorts take me way back, I think they were my first DIY project. They previously were a 3/4 pants that I got tired of and decided to get creative with. I haven't tested my stitching skills ever since. 

White color usually makes me think of a canvas, where I can splash and splatter other colors to express my emotions. And white is certainly suiting to the bright, hot sun at the beach...I don't know about other people but it makes me feel really good. I can't even explain it.  

I also love how cultural accessories can elevate a look into something marvelous. Its so clear how I love this necklace, I try to wear it in as many outfits as possible. I can never have enough of its beauty. I have worn it a lot, here is a favorite post with this beautiful neck piece.  

On the side note I believe one day I will look back and criticize the quality of these photos. I have yet to learn and master editing and self photography, until then 'beggars can't be choosers'. 
Self sufficiency doesn't come easy.

Have a lovely week my loves.
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What am I wearing?
Shirt: Thrift|| Shorts: DIY|| Purse: Farmer's festival Arusha|| Necklace: Arusha Maasai market.

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