Its currently monsoon season in the South East and the weather is unbearable, while I find the down pour nice and calming (when i'm indoors) the heat can get off hand and today it was crazy. It was so hot that you want to chill in the fridge, no kidding!.
Its the season where I literally go crazy, there are sales everywhere and online shopping couldn't get any better. Zalora has great deals at the moment, there are some items I am ||silently|| dying for.
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I have observed how I have been enjoying outfits and ensembles that compliment my body |flaunt some curves| and I thought perhaps I should try going back into my past but 'stylishly'. The boyfie jeans trend has been around for while now and I decided to trade my skinny jeans for one bad boy. You can tell it wasn't all bad.

I paired this look with an 'oversized' mesh top (new favorite) to get that boxy look and compliment the loose hang of the jeans. I finished off the look with my favorite kind of shoes in the world buckle sandals. I used to have such shoes as a kid and I just loved how they fit perfectly in terms of shape and sizing, its like they were made for my feet.  

Now that I look at these images I figured my accessories say that I am ready for summer. The brown/ tan bag and the rose gold hologram sandals have me thinking of a nice skin glow, all I can picture in my head is the perfect sun kissed skin. 

What do you think dear readers? Oh! and do we like my cute puffy puffs?
Leave you comments down below.
Have a lovely weekend

What am I wearing?
Jeans:CottonOn|| Top: Mysale|| Bag: CottonOn (rubi)|| Shoes: ZaloraMY

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