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I feel obliged to apologize for going MIA for a while now, I had a lot of issues to settle. I couldn't post much since I didn't do shoots in advance, neither could I do #OOTD posts cus of my hectic schedule. When I had a minute to spare my beloved 4 year laptop died and I was without personal technology for a couple weeks.
Everything seems to fall in line now but my unfortunate mishaps are still following me around, this week my hard disk crashed and it had to be wiped out. All my important data and blogging photos are gone in just a click. Sigh!
I'm getting over it now...I should be fine in a bit.

Today's weather was all sunny in the morning before it started raining crazy 5 minutes later, monsoon season is creeping in already. I had to change outfits very last minute and I was fabulously late for most of my day's engagements but oh well!
I'm a lover of traditional things and I think I get that from mommy dearest, there is a certain beauty and uniqueness to these items. I really love this sisal purse, it fits in with pretty much any outfit. See my previous posts featuring the purse here and here.

I paired it with these khaki shorts that I adore so much, I was intending to wear a top that will match my purse but I had to improvise. I wore this mesh top instead.....I love how well it goes with almost every clothing item.

the power of lighting

I wasn't feeling fancy and brave enough so I strutted my stuff simple in flats.
It has been very difficult for me for the past few weeks, but I'm thankful its nearly over. I'm all smiles and happy, listening to Na gode makes me even happier. I am so thankful for everything.

I love what good lighting can produce, so proud of my "photo-garba". P.S Naima if you're reading this I love you!!

Let me know your thoughts on today's look by commenting below the post.
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What am I wearing?
Shorts: H&M|| Top: MySale|| Flats: Padini|| Accessories: MySale

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