December 12, 2015

After turning 20 last weekend, it hit me really hard that I am getting old. I had a moment to sit and contemplate about my life and what I've done with it so far; I must say I am 85% proud of myself.
I haven't reached where I want to be but I am certainly not where I used to be, so I ought to be thankful of that.

Anyway since there wasn't much happening for my birthday I decided to do what I love most, shop online. I guess I grew tired of the typical dinner and drinks routine hence I went looking for a special yet significant and affordable gift for myself. I came across this online jewelry store Vivere Rosse located in Malaysia, they have very lovely pieces mostly Silver at affordable rates, I was quite pleased by my little discovery. 

Their customer service is quite sharp, I kept asking all these questions like a crazy concerned customer would and they replied to me in a flash of a second, they even have a whats-app number for all you who like things done pronto |How great is that?|
At the very end I parted ways with a pair of sterling silver rings for under $35 with free shipping.
I made orders on Monday evening and by Thursday morning the parcel was at my door. |Just how I love it.|
The rings came in a cute pink jewelry box with a ribbon on it and polishing cloths provided for most silver items.

Do make it a point to stop by their website, they're most probably having holiday discounts, get your Christmas and New Years gifts ready and stocked up. As for me, I'm certainly re-rewarding myself when I come back from my semester break.

Have a lovely weekend dearies!

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