As the saying "when in Rome do what the Romans do" goes, this to me is exactly what happened on Saturday when I came across a book carnival at the mall. The books were so cheap I literally went berserk for a moment. I went out with the intention of getting the 50 shades of grey his story but something happened and eventually I emerged with about 17 novels that have nothing to do with the 50 shades trilogy.

In terms of genre, I like romance and fiction novels very rarely I read sci-fi, I have a "classic" 2000 leagues under the sea, that I've been reading for like forever. I decided to give up on the book for now because the English and its vocabulary makes me question my knowledge every time I flip a Lets do that IELTS test again!!

I don't read much so I honestly do not know where on the scale of a book worm, a book fanatic or a book hoarder I fall upon, but I know I intend to finish at least a book or two before the year ends. I cultivated the reading behavior in high school and now I read to pass time.  Also especially now that I am unsure if I'll have internet for the next 2 months or so to be blogging, so yeah the books come in handy.

For those visiting or residing in Kuching the book fair is taking place at the Hills mall ground floor and is set to finish on the 20th December, so there's still a week to pop up and grab yourself a read.
Do let me know what book genres you like in the comments section below. 
Have a lovely week ahead.

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