Among the many things I am wishing for in 2016, being healthy and staying in shape are in my top priority list. My close friends are definitely going to laugh until they snort at this statement but well at least I am determined to persevere. 
In search of starting the New Year in a healthier foot, I went ahead and purchased a ‘teatox’ and coffee scrub by Myna. This is actually to quench my curiosity if at all the products work as claimed by most sellers. ||I am usually quite skeptic about ‘teatoxes’ mainly due to the fact that they seem or rather are overpriced laxatives.|| They contain a number of ‘herbs’ some you can’t even pronounce as ingredients and make you worry for your life.|| The one by Myna however has 2 ingredients Roselle/ Rozella and Lotus root, one of which I am most familiar with than the other.

I usually take roselle juice for the much needed benefits and I take it especially right after that time of the month; I do not know why but it’s like a ritual to me. On the other hand I’ve never had lotus root before but a friend who consumes it assured me that it is not harmful to the body. || I apparently decided to believe this friend|| If I am not mistaken it is used in most Asian traditional medicine, and is even consumed as a dish.

The agent I purchased from slipped some Shiseido face masks and I couldn't have been more happy
As for the scrub, if it weren’t oily I bet I’d have consumed it in another form other than as a scrub, it smells so good. I split it with a friend who is a coffee lover and they couldn’t contain themselves about how great it smelled. The scrub contains nothing foreign other than coffee granules mixed with raw sugar, sunflower oil and grape seed oil packed with moisturizing properties for the skin.

I am so excited to be incorporating these products in my routine, I really hope they live up to the hype and claims. I will keep updating my readers on any progresses or changes.
If you're interested you can visit Myna's instagram account for further details and look through.
What is your thought about these 'teatoxes', also do let me know some of your 2016 resolutions too on the comments section.
Have a lovely day. 

P.S: This post was not sponsored by anyone, I made it entirely out of interest.

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