I’m so glad I was able to squeeze in a few shoots before I took off for the holidays to the South. This was the last time Naima and I worked together since she’s done with her University studies. Next year might be hectic and difficult for me without help but I gather it is a chance for me to try self-photography that I’ve been chattering about for a while now. Anyhoooo!

When I put this outfit together I was thinking of the ultimate Christmas outfit I’d possibly wear without having to incorporate the entire seasons colours (i.e. red, white, gold and green). I was aiming for crisp simplicity and a touch of class in the ensemble. Only when I added this oversized blouse that I noticed I looked like I am part of a choir, those arms make me look like I am about to take flight. LOL!! Thankfully the skirt worked its wonders and managed to flatter the look, I really think the slit is cute and somewhat playful.

A string of pearls and a white clutch I raided from mom’s closet added finishing touches to the look. Since white seemed to be a dominant colour I incorporated pink heels to create the pop of colour and break the monotony.

I kept the makeup as minimal as possible but thinking about it now I should have gone with a dark lip shade, instead of the ‘gold’. I am also thrilled to see myself slowly advancing in the face beat department.
I am curious to know what your thoughts are about getting dressed in the season’s colours, what colours you prefer at this time of the year other than the season colours. Do let me know on the comments below.

What am I wearing?

Shirt: MySale|| Skirt: Zalora|| Shoes: MySale|| Clutch Purse: Mom’s closet

 photo Untitled final_zpslejhm2ns.png