I can’t believe how quickly time seems to be moving, before I know it I’ll be graduating from University, quite unbelievable eh?!
This holiday is probably the most adventurous I’ve ever had in years. It’s so lovely out here in the South, my family and I spent our last week of 2015 touring around Swaziland. And I was honestly awed by the experience for the little kingdom had me thinking of Scotland.

We stayed at the country side since the wildlife and the outdoor adventures are what took us there. The drive to our hotel was so tranquilizing I almost went cuckoo, as we ascended the hilly road in the midst of tall Eucalyptus tree plantations we caught glimpses of the country that were quite beautiful.
First morning at the hotel was something like from the novels. I could feel how crisp and fresh the air was ||don’t ask me how|| there was also fog with a backdrop of the wind rustling the trees, insects & birds chirping and occasionally the monkeys playing. ||Sighs||

Honestly the weather made me miss my hometown Arusha.
Later that morning we did some trekking at the Phophonyane falls and nature reserve, which I can assure you killed my feet. However, it was worth every rippling ache on my muscles because the view, the freeing experience and the air was all awesome. We spent the next day at Malolotja national park, car trekking about taking in the sights since we couldn’t go gliding. The rest of the afternoon was then spent at Ngwenya glass factory and mines.

Historical fact: Did you know that Ngwenya mines is one of the oldest mines in the world? And it was occupied by all sorts of people over its millennia i.e the San from the South, the Bantu smelters from East Africa and then the whites.

We had a look through at the Ngwenya museum and went over to check out a dam that is filled with rain water and apparently never dries up whatever the weather. And it is a few hundred meters deep, this signifies how deep the people had dug for iron ore over the years.
Down at the glass factory, I really loved how they recycle glass and make all sorts of astounding items. They had drinking glasses of all sorts, little glass ornaments, vases, wine coolers and the list goes on and on. Too bad my camera didn’t have enough battery for some few shots.
With all this lovely detail, I’d love to mourn the loss of my best photos of the Ngwenya mine. I absentmindedly deleted all my beautiful masterpieces…life can be very cruel sometimes.

Have a lovely week dearies.

p.s. All photos are taken by me