This is yet another piece that I have in my wardrobe that I find very tricky, it’s neither a top nor a dress, it is just midway. Its design makes it hard to pair it with a belt be it skinny or not, it just looks off. And as I am writing this I am already imagining it styled with distressed jeans and comfy sneakers for a loose ‘don’t care ensemble’.

However, I attempted going for a simple classic black and white look but with a tad bit of a ‘rebel’ twist. I paired the dress/top with black platform boots and a black backpack; now I know what I said about platform shoes but I certainly forgot to make an exception. I don’t mind platform wedge boots, but platform heels, pumps or boots like the ones lady gaga loves are what I don’t really like.

So what do you think of my efforts to pull off this dress/top? ||I think I should be participating in the #nopantstrend||
Have a lovely day!

p.s. your comments keep me thriving and I really appreciate you taking your time to read my blog.
What am I wearing?

Dress: Thrifted|| Shoes: MySale|| Bag: Zalora

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