Body insecurity is definitely not a new topic to any of us and I have to admit that I along with many other people out there are still struggling to deal with it. It certainly isn’t easy and the situation eats away all of your confidence and sometimes your self-esteem.
For me it has been a roller coaster ride for the past few years; I lost my fluffiness when I went to boarding school and I became the okay kind of slender for a teenager. Then I went to University in a foreign country and I lost more weight because of the environment and other changes that came along with being out there plus my acne wasn’t as bad. Once I got a hang of everything I became satisfied and didn’t take notice of my weight or try to keep myself in shape; until now.

Insecurities have my wardrobe looking like a cave as I always felt like my shoulders were too broad, my tummy is way too big and the back acne isn’t helping either. I initially couldn’t wear leg baring clothes because I never had a good relationship with my legs and I felt they were too hairy ||LOL!!! Whose aren’t?!!||. All this insecure situation robbed me of my chance to wear pretty stuff because I was constantly worried and focused about my flaws. It was through the blogging platform I became more aware and open minded to a bunch of things; and have realised it is a common thing to feel insecure, just don’t let it affect you.

By pursuing my fashion interests, I feel that I am becoming a lot more daring these days. I have learned to embrace myself and I am trying hard to focus on the good things about my body rather than shunning myself over and over. There are some things that I would definitely have turned up my nose to 3 years back but I certainly am open to trying them out now, except for platform heels. || They’re forever a No-Go for me||

And with that being said, here is lovely outfit incorporating bright colors to cheer and uplift moods as well as an earthy blend to tone down the scream. I’ve actually styled these items before on the blog here and here and I can’t have enough of both pieces. I guess now my readers have a legit reason as to why I love bright and warm colors; they make me feel less shitty about myself.

What a critical state to start the year, I hope my reflection and gushing out wasn’t too much for you. Thank you for stopping by the blog.

What am I wearing?
Top (Romper): H&M||Skirt: Thrifted|| Shoes: MySale

Photography by Naima Muhammad

 photo Untitled final_zpslejhm2ns.png