Most of us can agree on the saying that goes 'beauty is pain' or something along those lines. But does it have to hurt your wallet? I don't really think depends on the situation. I like anyone of you still struggle with beauty standards and slowly I have come to accept somethings about myself. However, issues like dark under-arms can strip you off of all the courage and confidence you built overtime.

I read somewhere on the internet that dark underarms are caused by shaving because the hair isn't removed from its root. Some say it is due to deodorants especially those containing alcohol and also the fact that the skin there is 'folded' and not stretched as the rest of the body and so forth.
So to rid myself of this uncomfortable situation I referred to google of course and waxing seemed as a 'long term' solution coupled with other procedures like exfoliating the dead skin cells from time to time. This recipe is so simple, I've tried it a couple times before and thought it'd be great to share it with you all.

1 cup of sugar
2 tbsp water
¼ tsp salt and
2 tsp lemon juice

How to:

  • Mix everything into a pan over medium high heat until the sugar dissolves then lower heat and let the wax bubble up until golden brown. Ensure that the consistency isn’t too runny or too thick but make sure you don’t burn the wax. 
  • If you want to use your wax with strips remove it from the heat when its golden brown, like honey. If you prefer 'hard' wax without the strips let it sit a bit longer until it is slightly a darker shade of brown but not burnt. 
  • Let it cool for 5-10 minutes and store it in a jar preferably glass in case you need to warm it up before use. I keep my wax in the fridge for about 2 weeks before I make another one.

The wax is made of all natural ingredients so you can use it pretty much anywhere you want, its just a matter of how brave you are. *wink*
I hope you will be saving your money on trips to the beautician as well as your time henceforth.

Thanks for stopping by the blog.  

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