Hello there readers!

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend and are enjoying your blessed Sunday.
If you searched for fashion ambitions blog and somehow ended up here, don't be alarmed. You are not lost, its the same blog with just a new name and another fancy template. 
I am so excited to be back and share with you something I find so magical and full of inspiration. 
I went away for a while in order to figure out a new branding strategy for my blog and possibly other future projects. When I started out this blog I wanted it to be a thrift style blog but I fell short of that because I don’t thrift as much due to circumstances. Like I thrift every once in 6 months due to my being away studying, then to keep the blog alive I started incorporating other things like stuff on sale etc.

Eventually I decided to drop the whole thrift idea and just settle for a personal style blog. I’ll simply be indicating where I got my stuff to make your fashion lives easier.
So this ‘new’ brand that I managed to come up with is quite fascinating and it starts with a ‘K’, truth is I have been watching a lot of KUWTK  and the final name was suggested by my best friend because she is awesome like that. Love you Fifi!
Kaleidosvogue comprises of 2 words, Kaleidoscope and Vogue (style). As an individual I tend work in a pattern and many things in my life revolve around this ‘pattern’ that includes my dressing and the colors I wear etc.

I am looking forward to presenting you a lot of awesome work despite being packed with my final semester unit requirements. I feel more alive and my dedication notch just went scales higher. I am still adding more stuff to the blog so don't let the newness shock you. I just hope that I am not too late to say sorry for going MIA without giving you guys a heads up. 
Stay tuned for upcoming posts and let me know your thoughts on the new blog name and what are your expectations from this brand novelty.

Take care.

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