March 24, 2016

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I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the weekend.
Yesterday I came across an online shop with affordable bags and I was immersed into it, wow-ing at the prices especially. I was impressed to not have seen any designer knock-offs but lo and behold, I scrolled and staring at the screen was this Hermes birkin bag going for barely $15. As an impulsive buyer I was so tempted to click 'add to cart' and act like nothing was going on but then I asked myself is it worth the embarrassment. 

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I am still curious as to why people buy knock-offs, to me this is an awareness issue paired with many other things like self-esteem needs. And it also appears to me that this is a huge craze in TZ, you could confiscate containers of knock-off items. I admit to have been in that stage in my late teens, we all go through it I guess, I still get tempted every once in a while. In fact I have a designer knock off sitting in my wardrobe, I got it as a present from someone and I couldn't refuse it. Worse enough I had to (still do) carry it around to show that I appreciate it but deep down I'm not really happy about it. So now we've discovered yet another thing about me buy me a designer knock off and I shall remember you to the end of times.

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I feel like being a blogger in the fashion industry especially, knock-offs are a no-go, I can't really justify  why but that is what I think it is. So usually, to comfort myself and stay in the safe zone I go for the lesser known brands or items that aren't branded at all. The closest thing to a knock-off other than the present is a look-alike, i.e. the item's design resembles that of a particular brand but doesn't have a brand or its signatures on it. I am okay with look-alike's' to an extent but I prefer lesser known brands and generic items a whole lot better.
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So ladies its your turn to sound off, would you consider buying that designer knock-off item you've been eyeing for a while? Fashion & style bloggers is it ethical to rock knock-offs? 
Looking forward to your comments.

Thank you for stopping by the blog.

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