It is my hope that your Easter holiday was enjoyable and also filled with much love and blessings. I love Easter, too bad I haven't been able to celebrate it well for the past years.
I suffer from acne scaring and occasionally I cover up my 'flaw' the way I know to...make-up.
First off, my skin type is the oily kind so I try not to wear make-up too frequently because I can't last a minute without looking like a grease ball.

Also since I can't definitely say I am awesome in make-up skills I tend to buy cheap products that I can mess around with before any commitment. Buying make-p online has to be the most challenging thing for a person of can hardly get the right shade on the first try. Also the products may arrive defected sometimes, and all sorts of mean situations.
So here is what I use to achieve my everyday super simple makeup look

1. Maybelline air foam foundation in cocoa
2. Maybelline bronzer
3. L'oreal face powder
4. Nivea essential care lip balm
5. cream contour/ highlight set- non branded

My application technique is quite simple. After I've moisturized my face I apply baby powder and let it sit while I get dressed. Then I conceal some spots before wearing my foundation usually in 2 'coats' because, the air foam foundation doesn't offer as much for my acne scars. Then I apply the L'oreal powder on areas I'm supposed to highlight and let it 'bake', it is a shade lighter than I am so it works superb for me. After dusting off the excess powder, I finish off with my bronzer for some glow and frequently add a neutral lip then I am ready.

#tbt to when I wore foundation on a hot national park cruise :P

I try to wear less product so that I don't feel funny and less frequently so as not to overwhelm my skin.

What are your make-up techniques or tips? Please leave your comments below.

Have a lovely weekend