Hey there!
Today I want to share with you a healthy and refreshing drink recipe that I have been enjoying for over three weeks now. First and foremost this is not a miracle drink that will easily help shed the extra kilos. You know you have to workout and diet.
This to me is more of a weight regulation drink.
In my hot pursuit to stay healthy especially on the inside and getting the nice skin, I've been downing a drink consisting of green tea, apple cider vinegar and ginger. Now this is kinda funny because I want to be healthy but I'm not really putting effort into it. The reason is because I'm still looking for the mojo that will take me to the gym and make me give up on fries and chips. :-)

I, like my father have this passion of concocting 'healthy' things in the kitchen, its a trait that has recently started becoming more prominent. From the emails about power foods to recipes we share and nasty looking smoothies, its really surprising but not surprising. 
Basically what I do is make about 4 cups of green tea, 3 cups of ginger tea, 5-6 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (with the mother) and a nice squeeze of honey. I consume it twice a day, in the morning and before bed time. 
Note: The proportions above work for me so you may have to get experimenting with what works best for you. The apple cider vinegar has a funny smell to it and is strong (its vinegar duh!!) so I suggest that you start small and keep adding to your liking. Also you can add natural fruit juices like watermelon to enhance the taste

Benefits of the ingredients
Green tea: helps you to lose weight & increases fat burning process.
Apple cider vinegar:  Weight regulation & Aids in digestion
Ginger tea: Improve blood circulation, Detoxifies the liver & is also an appetite suppressant
Honey: Natural sweetener & has antibacterial properties.

My results
The thing I noticed most is I feel less hungry whenever I consume it, but no weight loss. Other results is I get a healthy movement of bowels, also my skin started breaking out- guess the toxins are being released. And I consume crazy amounts of just plain water which wasn't the case before. Moreover, I also feel lighter  and less sluggish, I can finally get work done!
I think if I were to workout like crazy and have a certain diet the results would have been more different. Like I would have probably lost weight because as of now my weight hasn't flinched. 

Now we have to understand that this is not a miracle drink and it may have varying results to people. The ingredients are all natural, feel free to experiment and find substitutes to address your 'healthy goals'.

If you have any healthy drink recipes please do share on the comments section below.
I hope I inspired the kitchen scientist in you, thanks for stopping by.

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