Its almost the end of the semester and I am cultivating mixed feelings about the reality i'm soon about to face. Its difficult to even think about it, I've been weighing my options lately and still I haven't come to a conclusion that makes me sleep peacefully at night.
There is nothing a nice tutu skirt can't fix 'temporarily' that is, and I've been dying to have one. In my first attempt to style the skirt I paired it with this favorite lace top that never really catches a break.  And spilled in some color with a pair of red heels.  
 I love how calm and effortless this outfit looks, adding a statement clutch or a cross body would make it fun yet collected. I would preferably add something floral with a pop of colors to reduce the white wash effect. 

Thank you for stopping by the blog and I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead.

What am I wearing?
Top: MySale|| Skirt: MySale|| Shoes: Zalora

 photo Untitled final_zpslejhm2ns.png