May 29, 2016

The last time I did a what's in my bag post was years ago and it was sort of all over the place. Its been a while and here goes another attempt, this time I toned it down to things that have to be in my bag or its the end of the world for me...lol! just kidding.
Honestly I don't really organize my bag but the stuff that goes in it have specific places and that is how I keep from losing my way in my own bag.

1. Snacks
The first thing I  that I always have to have in my bag is a snack of some sort. Like snacks first then only would I look for my keys, wallet and hand-phone. This sounds crazy but i'm not the friendliest person when hungry.
I usually carry anything between crackers, cookies, fruits or chocolates. I just need something to munch on while making life decisions.
2. Earphones
I love my bubble so much and I love listening to music when in that bubble. Aside from that, I think its flat out rude to watch loud videos in a public space, or maybe I am just overly considerate. Besides you can't trust Instagram videos these days, nice caption and all with some weird and extremely embarrassing audio.  Yes! it is what you think, and it almost happened to me in the lecture theatre.
3. Sunnies
Oh! I can't stop telling about my love for shades, apart from protecting my eyes from the sun, I can totally check people out without feeling like a creep about it. This statement on its own is creepy enough, but hey..! I usually carry a pair or two just in case my mood changes and I want to switch up my look or if my BFF forgot to bring her pair.
4. Hand cream
Keeping my hands moisturized especially after spending hours in cold AC halls and also due to the tropical weather here, my palms can become leather like and that is not really good. I so love this hand cream from Sephora it is light and the delicate fragrance just makes me feel very lady like.
5. lip balm
I haven't been wearing lipstick as much recently, I opted to give my lips a little TLC with all the moisturisers I can get my hands on. My favorite of all is the tender care from Oriflame which is made from beeswax, the best aspect about it is you can apply it anywhere on your body. The one I have around me mostly is the Nivea essential care lip balm, this is the goodness.

Does anyone else feel like my bag is always ready for summer or is it just me?
What are the must haves that you cannot miss carrying in you bag? Let me know on the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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  1. This is not me either to organize my bag is not something that I plan but my wallet and my earphones cannot missed Lool not really fan of glasses anyway great post


    1. I cannot remember the number of times I forgot my wallet somewhere in a shop or so, but i've never forgotten my shades before. How crazy!!
      Thank you for dropping by dear :)