As a kid  I was always creeped out by my mom wearing turmeric mask over night, now I understand why she did that every time i touch her face. Its crazy soft, I get jealous a lady her age having a smoother a face than I do. *sigh*
As I've mentioned before in my previous beauty related posts I have oily skin which renders me very prone to acne, so scars, pimples and uneven skin tone are nothing new to me. But there is this great beauty product called turmeric (manjano) that does a great job in curbing most skin and even hair problems, here are a few:

1) Controlling oil on the face when mixed with orange juice or sandalwood paste.
2) Curing acne, when mixed with the sandalwood paste and can lighten the spot when mixed with rosewater. 
3) Can even out skin tone and improve skin's elasticity due to the presence of antioxidants which stimulates growth of new cells.

Turmeric can be mixed with pretty much anything, it just depends on what you want your mask to do.
Here is the mask I like,

You will need:
2 teaspoons of plain yogurt/milk
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
1 teaspoon honey and
a bowl to mix in
(the measurements may differ based on your liking)
The yogurt/milk has lactic acid which can act as a gentle exfoliator, turmeric has anti-inflammatory  and anti-oxidant properties in it and lastly honey is anti-bacterial and can moisturize the skin. Just mix everything and apply on your cleansed face then leave it on for 20 mins before rinsing with warm water.

All this goodness will surely leave your skin feeling magical, if you have leftover mask you can store it in a container in the fridge. Just don't let it sit there for weeks, the maximum storage time i'd propose is 3 days.

Other variations I like:
Occasionally, I like adding half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to the mixture for my acne and when I feel lazy, I just mix equal parts of turmeric and aloe vera gel. Sometimes after enjoying my green tea, i use the tea leaves mixed with honey and some turmeric as a gentle mask/scrub.
Just be careful of staining, you may want to use a brush to apply the mask and wear a shirt you don't mind messing up.
I am curious about trying out a turmeric and rosewater mask should I get my hands on some. Have any of you tried it before? what is your take on it?
I'd love to hear your lovely thoughts on the comment section below.   

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day. 

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