Happy new month guys! 
And Selamat Hari Gawai for those celebrating. What a shame I don't have invites to an open house this season. ||Cries at a corner||
I'm slowly becoming a product junkie.....sigh!!

Occasionally, I like to switch up products I use on my face after a month or two. This is because I haven't found something that works wonders for me just yet. My skin gets very oily and I have pimples which leave scars when they dry up and when I wear make up I look like a glazed doughnut. 
So I recently got some items that I'm excited to try and many people |youtubers|  swear by as the gods of battling acne scars and oily skin. I didn't really plan to get the items but they were on discount at Watson's and I was like great! might as well. So I got the Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin and Bio Oil for the acne scars from Watson's, I think in Tanzania you may get these from certain pharmacies or certain beauty stores or maybe even supermarkets |not too sure|.  
The toning part is actually where I play with my skin |so maybe everything is my fault after all| I use two toners one from Garden of Eden during the day and the other is from Oriflame nature secrets for the night. So far there is no major changes on my skin for I have been using these products for the past two weeks. I'll probably post an update at the end of the month.

Also the posts will be very sparse for the month of June because next week I'm sitting for my finals and I'm already packing for the return home.  So yeah, its going to be quite dry here for a while. 

Thank you for stopping by have a lovely day.

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