June 09, 2016

Hello there dear readers,
I hope you're having a great and productive week, I can't wait for mine to be over because the exams are killing me. Uggh!

In today's post I will gush again about how I love being comfortable while looking stylish, I can easily relate the satisfaction of my outfit to that of taking a dip in the pool on a very hot day, probably one of the best feelings in the world.
To me nothing speaks comfort like a pair of cotton leggings. I just love how you can do just about everything in them, if I could i'd ditch skinny jeans altogether and just wear leggings for the rest of my life.

Here are some ideas on how you can transition from a casual day look to a night look using the same pants and in this case leggings. 

Day look: typically something I'd pull off to campus and for a walk around the mall.


Evening look: grabbing dinner or perhaps a few drinks.


For some ladies who want nothing to do with leggings do not worry, I got you covered you may checkout the Betabrand website for their women's pants which can also be great in making outfit transitions. They may look formal and official but you'd be surprised by how versatile they can be.
Here are a few images of their pants.

Whats your comfort item and how would you transition it? Let me know on the comments below.
Thank you for stopping by the blog.

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