Once again, I’ve done what I do best…disappearing without a word, leaving you guys no clue whatsoever except maybe the few posts on Instagram. This time I won’t really apologize because I feel renewed and capable of focusing on the blog and my other mini projects. || I'd hate to over do things with neverending apologies|| 
As some of you may know that I was in my final semester, and God has been very faithful as I have passed my exams and I’m anxiously awaiting my graduation. With my return home, and finished rounds of travel around now I’m hit with the blunder of “what do I do with my life/ myself”.
I must say that I also have such bad timing because I happen to be in Arusha during the cold season, wheezing and sniffing the days off. The weather in Arusha calls for a mug of green tea 24/7, constant moisturizing as well as bundling up in warm things.

Additionally, I am so very glad to bring to your attention the fact that we are now a website (kaleidosvogue.com) and I am and will be working hard to bring you more great stuff. Hopefully, I’ll have decided a proper post schedule by this week and let you know when to catch what on the blog. But for now, here is a post of my dose of double denim and also some of the new work you'll be seeing on here. One can’t simply have enough or go wrong with double denim no matter the weather, and since it’s partly summer around here I popped on some neon shoes and mirrored shades to compliment the look and finished off with some gold arm candy for that pow! effect.

I hope you have a blessed week and thank you for stopping by the blog.
What am I wearing:
Denim Shirt: Thrifted|| Boyfriend Jeans: Cotton On|| Shoes: MySale (Kardashian Kollection) || Shades: Zalora|| Accessories: Zalora (River Island) 

Photo credits: IG @tonyveltech

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