I have taken notice of my latest obsession over the letter K and I guess it’s safe to blame the Kardashians because they get blamed for anything and everything.  When I was ‘re-branding’ I made it a point that my brand started with a ‘K’ hence Kaleidosvogue and I have loved the sound of it ever since.  Recently a ‘client’ consulted me seeking assistance in naming their clothing boutique and guess what?! It’s another ‘K’ for Kitten Luxe. Right now I’m for all things ‘K’.

Besides that, let’s take time to appreciate this lovely one piece I snatched from Kitten Luxe. There is something fashionable and classy about black and gold, with black oozing power and elegance to me. Due to the chilly weather in Arusha I threw on a black blazer and finished off the look with black pumps and minimal accessories.
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What Am I wearing?
Blazer: MySale|| Jumpsuit: Kitten Luxe||Shoes: MySale

Photography by Tony Veltech

 photo Untitled final_zpslejhm2ns.png